A rendered 3D curly hairstyle

How to Model 3D Curly Hair

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Welcome to this brand new episode where we will learn how to model 3D curly hair or textured hair in Yeti for Maya! In our previous tutorials, we learned the fundamentals of Yeti as a professional tool for hair and fur. If you follow my series from the start, you’ll discover this wonderful tool and learn the best practices in …

Final result of the dreadlock creation tutorial

Yeti in Maya, Part 4: 3D Dreadlocks

Francesco Furneri 3D Best Practices, 3D Modeling

As you’ve now become more familiar with Yeti, it’s time to dig into a new hairstyle technique: 3D dreadlocks. Hello everyone, and welcome back to this Yeti series. In our very first episode we learned the fundamentals of Yeti for Maya in which we produced a basic hairstyle for a cartoon character (Part I). We then moved on to more …

The Search for the Next Model Exchange Format

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3D as an industry has seen rapid change since its inception. Buyouts, mergers, and takeovers often mean that products can often outlive the companies that created them. Asking a question as simple as ‘who made .obj?’ is a story in itself, and, while researching this piece, took me through a trip of the history of the 3D industry – one …