A neon-lit cyberpunk-inspired 3D environment by 3Denvironementmodels

Artist Spotlight: 3denvironmentmodels

Jesse Radonski Artists, Featured Artists

What do you get when you mix a 3D artist’s eye for photography with gritty, neon-soaked sci-fi worlds inspired by Blade Runner? The environments and objects of TurboSquid artist 3denvironmentmodels. Read on to learn more about 3denvironmentmodels’s influences, what considerations he makes when selling models on TurboSquid, and advice he’d offer for other 3D artists. Just crank up some synthwave …

Artist Spotlight: Marc Mons

Brad Thorne Artists, Featured Artists

What does a fine arts background bring to “painterly” 3D? Feast your eyes on the work of Marc Mons. Fascinated to learn how he brings that painterly aesthetic to cinematic 3D, we decided to put his work under the spotlight. We asked Marc about his artistic process, how he adds a sense of scale to his environments, and a common …

Light Path Expressions in Arnold for Maya

Francesco Furneri 3D Best Practices

A powerful way for creating fully custom render passes in Maya by considering the contribution of different light rays. Believe it or not, a renderer never ceases to amaze us in terms of functionalities! Nowadays, we might encounter situations where we need more control over the compositing of 3D rendered material.Many renderers already have features to produce custom render passes, …

Artist Spotlight: Deniz Ozemre

Larissa Mori Artists, Featured Artists

Deniz Ozemre’s career began with nothing more than a PC and a passion for digital art. Today, he works on some of the biggest movies in the world. As if that isn’t cool enough, he also creates photorealistic busts of historical figures like Beethoven and Socrates. We couldn’t resist catching up with Deniz to find out how his career got …

Final result of the dreadlock creation tutorial

Yeti in Maya, Part 4: 3D Dreadlocks

Francesco Furneri 3D Best Practices, 3D Modeling

As you’ve now become more familiar with Yeti, it’s time to dig into a new hairstyle technique: 3D dreadlocks. Hello everyone, and welcome back to this Yeti series. In our very first episode we learned the fundamentals of Yeti for Maya in which we produced a basic hairstyle for a cartoon character (Part I). We then moved on to more …