Customer Spotlight: The Solus Project

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We recently connected with indie game developer and TurboSquid customer, Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong, about his action/adventure game The Solus Project. He and his team just released a version of the game for the PS4 (with VR support!), and it has been available on both PC and Xbox One since last summer. We love talking to customers about projects that they’ve released to see how TurboSquid and our community of artists played a role in the finished product.

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British Indie Music Video Makes the Most of TurboSquid Models

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When British indie rock group, The Shallows, wanted a video for their song, “Honestly,” they turned to Jamie Fraser of Super Mega Action Plus.  Jamie and his partner, Debs, are the creative forces behind Super Mega Action Plus, incorporating live action film with both 2D and 3D animation.

The Shallows loved SMAP’s style in another artist’s music video, so when it came to “Honestly,” Jamie expanded on some of that video’s themes with a dystopian twist: “[We] tickled ourselves with the idea that picking something up in the street could cause an apocalyptic flood. Read More

FAQ: Common Customer Issues, PLUS Solutions

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While there is nothing common when it comes to our customers, we often find that their questions center around some common issues. We’ve collected a few of the more frequently asked questions, along with their solutions, to help our artists make their models more attractive to potential customers.

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The CheckMate Difference – October Sales

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CheckMate sales have passed the 20% mark! At present, about 3.5% of 3D models at TurboSquid are CheckMate certified, but sales of CheckMate models account for over 20% of 3D models sales revenue. Customers have told us over and over that they’d buy CheckMate models every time if they were available in every category. Get your models into CheckMate now, while many categories are still open! Read More

CheckMate Advisory Board Live and in Person

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, Artists, CheckMate, Customers, Industry News

The CheckMate Advisory Board met last week at TurboSquid headquarters in New Orleans, and what a meeting it was! Over the two-day conference, Board members discussed a variety of topics ranging from UVs and gamma correction to outsourcing and education.

CheckMate Advisory Board at TurboSquid

Advisory Board members meet at the TurboSquid headquarters. Clockwise from lower left: Jerome Denjean (Blur Studio), Fred Ruff (Bent Image Lab), Rob Wright (CNN), James Ogle (Weta Digital), Beau Perschall (TurboSquid), Viken Majoulian (Electronic Arts), Carlos Cristerna (Neoscape).

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CheckMate Advisory Board Meets in New Orleans

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, CheckMate, Customers

The CheckMate Advisory Board will convene in New Orleans Oct 11-12. This group of individuals, each of which is dedicated to setting and enforcing 3D modeling standards within his own organization, will inform and shape development of the CheckMate standard to ensure it meets artists’ needs going forward. Meeting topics will include:

  • Use of standards in production pipelines
  • Standards for UVs and textures
  • Naming conventions for objects and files
  • Training on standards
  • Future standards

The meeting promises to be exciting and informative. Read More