Snuffing Snuffy: Shark Week Ad Evokes Emotional Response and Other 3D Scares

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The Discovery Channel series Shark Week’s latest TV spot appears to be both horrifying and entertaining viewers everywhere.

The advert features a fake local news report, where a conservation group is preparing to release a rescued (likely 3D model) seal, Snuffy, back into the wild just off the Jersey Shore. As they lower the creature into the ocean via crane, a massive shark leaps from the water and snatches the animal back into the depths. Read More

Model Sighting: Rocket Used to Promote Legend of Apollo 4D

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TurboSquid artist Stuart Howes was excited to spot his model of the Saturn Apollo, promoting Legend of Apollo 4D, at the Science Museum in London.   This amazing interactive film gives museum-goers a chance to experience the Apollo space missions of the 1960s and ’70s for themselves, enhanced by NASA archives and 3D animation.

If you’re in the area, you can book your tickets at The Science Museum to experience it for yourself! Read More

British Indie Music Video Makes the Most of TurboSquid Models

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When British indie rock group, The Shallows, wanted a video for their song, “Honestly,” they turned to Jamie Fraser of Super Mega Action Plus.  Jamie and his partner, Debs, are the creative forces behind Super Mega Action Plus, incorporating live action film with both 2D and 3D animation.

The Shallows loved SMAP’s style in another artist’s music video, so when it came to “Honestly,” Jamie expanded on some of that video’s themes with a dystopian twist: “[We] tickled ourselves with the idea that picking something up in the street could cause an apocalyptic flood. Read More

CNN Uses Missile Model as Part of a “Reality Check”

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While we steer clear of political views, we are always happy when any of our models are used to provide the perfect visual to inform and educate the masses. Such was the case on Monday, October 22, 2012, when a TurboSquid model was spotted during CNN’s “Reality Check”.

Check out the clip of the segment which showcases the 3D model of the Ballistic Missile model by artist Edgedesign (approximately 1:18 into the video). Read More