Sighting: RenderDigimania

Kate Voisin Sightings


RenderDigimania is a rapid animation production renderer, developed to to allow animators to animate, light, and shoot their characters and objects in a setting that gives them real time previews.  In other words, it wants to make 3D animation a lot faster, without having to waste a lot of time rendering. 

In order to spotlight their software, RenderDigimania created a set of “case studies,” in which they animated shots and created cool 3D static images.  From the land of dinosaurs to a child’s bedroom, from space to sea— RenderDigimania created four different worlds giving glimpses behind-the-scenes of what it takes to make this powerful renderer do its stuff.  And to make their projects run even more smoothly, they featured plenty of TurboSquid models.

The process to bring someone else’s Turbosquid models into RenderDigimania was relatively smooth; only a little tinkering was required.

— Case Study: A Rock Star Is Born


Check out each of the case studies below for a detailed look at how well our models worked for their animators:



dinoFeatured in A Rock Star Is Born


Room2.jpg3add6e53-5195-4405-801e-0f0bc0f89275LargeFeatured in Monster Under the Bed



Featured in Monsters of the Deep


spaceFeatured in Render Mission