7 Composition Tips for Selling 3D Models on TurboSquid

Jesse Radonski 3D Best Practices, 3D Modeling, TurboTips

It can be intimidating for an artist already building their skills in multiple types of software to also add “product photography” to their resume. But if you’re planning on selling 3D models on TurboSquid, it helps to know some composition basics. Especially if you want to turn your eye-catching model into an instant purchase. In this blog post, we’ll cover …

Here are 6 laptops perfect for 3D modeling—from budget to premium

Jesse Radonski 3D Best Practices, 3D Modeling

TurboSquid helps people of all skill levels upload and sell their creations from the comfort of their homes. But without a dependable computer, it can be hard to get into a mindset that helps you to create something people want to buy.  But where to start? With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to find a …

Light Path Expressions in Arnold for Maya

Francesco Furneri 3D Best Practices

A powerful way for creating fully custom render passes in Maya by considering the contribution of different light rays. Believe it or not, a renderer never ceases to amaze us in terms of functionalities! Nowadays, we might encounter situations where we need more control over the compositing of 3D rendered material.Many renderers already have features to produce custom render passes, …

VR and AR technology futuristic concept by Andrey Suslov.

World-Jumpers: 3 Steps to Building 3D Models That Work in Every Metaverse

Dade Orgeron 3D Best Practices

How would you react if a friend grabbed your phone? For many of us, it would be tempting to grab it back. Our phone isn’t just a device to us; it’s a digital extension of ourselves. And in the next ten years, we’re probably going to see that same transference happen again when people start creating digital personas within the …

Final result of the dreadlock creation tutorial

Yeti in Maya, Part 4: 3D Dreadlocks

Francesco Furneri 3D Best Practices, 3D Modeling

As you’ve now become more familiar with Yeti, it’s time to dig into a new hairstyle technique: 3D dreadlocks. Hello everyone, and welcome back to this Yeti series. In our very first episode we learned the fundamentals of Yeti for Maya in which we produced a basic hairstyle for a cartoon character (Part I). We then moved on to more …