Lights, Camera, 3D Models?

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As most of us know, what we see in the movies isn’t always what it appears to be. From snakes on a plane to dancing household decor, 3D models have made movie magic that much easier to create. While we know models available on TurboSquid have been used in all forms of entertainment, some of our customers are still a …

Springtime at TurboSquid

TurboSquid Sightings

You know springtime is on its way when roses start appearing in all forms. This time it was as a printed 3D model at the SolidWorks World conference, where 3D printer provider Objet showcased a rose model by TurboSquid artist ms_dessi. The final result, shown in Objet’s booth at the conference, was nothing short of stunning. The materials and process used …

TurboSquid on Jeopardy!

TurboSquid Sightings

A TurboSquid human anatomy model appeared in a clue on Jeopardy!, America’s favorite quiz show, on January 3. The model appears as part of a clue for an anatomy-related question. The same model will appear in another clue on January 6. Congratulations to artist cgshape for getting on the air!

TurboSquid on Big Love

TurboSquid Sightings

The acclaimed HBO series Big Love aired its series finale in March 2011. As the series’ characters discuss their futures in the main house’s living room at the end of the episode, the camera backs out a window to gradually show the house’s exterior amid fall trees and parked cars. Production studio Encore Hollywood created this final scene with the …