3D Models Swim Out of the Box on YouTube

TurboSquid Sightings

As we’re always on the lookout for good uses of TurboSquid’s 3D models, we were thrilled at the most recent sighting. A blog post by Future Media Concepts of Orlando provides a detailed account of how 3D animator Jean Marco Ruesta not only brought four TurboSquid models to life, but also how he pushed them outside the YouTube player’s boundaries to swim onto visitors’ screens.



The lifelike aquatic life starring in these online promotions included:

Freshwater Sawfish 3D Model by 3d_Wanderer

Lizard 3 Salamander by shiva3d

Moray Eel Model by Ryan Kittleson




Ruesta, who also teaches Maxon’s Cinema 4D at the New York School of the Arts, created the finished product using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. Check out his work on River Monster’s YouTube Page as well as Shark Week on YouTube.

Once you’ve seen it in action, be sure to see the full blog post “How They Did It: Bringing Creatures to Life in Discovery Networks’ Online Promosfor all the details on how he made it happen.

Think you’ve spotted a Turbosquid 3D model  in a film, game, or other production? Drop us a line and let us know, and we’ll do the verification.