TurboSquid Boat in Monsters

Michele Bousquet Sightings

The Indie film Monsters, released in October 2010, was a triumph of a single man’s vision. The film was written, directed, and edited by Gareth Edwards, who did extensive post production on his live footage to create a post-apocalytpic world. In an interview with fxguide, Edwards talks about how he used a model from TurboSquid to create one of his …

TurboSquid Sighting: Conan O’Brien Show

Michele Bousquet Sightings

Last night on the Conan O’Brien show, we were treated to another 3D animation in his Creepy Taiwanese Animation series. This concept plays on the fact that in Taiwan, news audiences are frequently shown a reenactment of a story as a 3D animation. The Conan O’Brien show has taken it to a new level by creating similar animations of  Conan-related …

TurboSquid on Conan O’Brien Show

Michele Bousquet Sightings

We just got word that several TurboSquid models will be in sight on the debut of Conan O’ Brien’s new show, CONAN, tonight on TBS at 11pm. Stay tuned, there will be more details after the show airs!

Hitpoint Studios

Michele Bousquet Sightings

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting TurboSquid customer Hitpoint Studios in Hatfield, Mass. Hitpoint specializes in branded online games, utilizing Autodesk Maya to animate characters for gameplay. Their most recent project was for AXE to promote their line of men’s grooming products. The game, World’s Manliest Rituals, is referred to internally at Hitpoint as “the game where TurboSquid …

TurboSquid Models Featured on South Park

Patricia LaHay Sightings

Two models from TurboSquid will appear in tonight’s new episode of the TV show South Park! The episode, “Poor and Stupid,” features models by Diamond artist QLEE and Ruby artist LMiStudios. Check your local listings for air times. If you miss it, you’ll be able to see it later at the South Park video website.