Hitpoint Studios

TurboSquid Sightings

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting TurboSquid customer Hitpoint Studios in Hatfield, Mass. Hitpoint specializes in branded online games, utilizing Autodesk Maya to animate characters for gameplay. Their most recent project was for AXE to promote their line of men’s grooming products. The game, World’s Manliest Rituals, is referred to internally at Hitpoint as “the game where TurboSquid models chase you.”

The game features young men being pursued by numerous creatures, including those shown below. Hitpoint rigged and animated the models in Maya.

Hitpoint is housed in an old structure in rural Massachusetts, close to a number of colleges that provide a steady stream of talent through their doors. Hitpoint artist Maya Gounard, a specialist in animal movement and behavior, was kind enough to take the time to talk with me about what Hitpoint looks for in a 3D model. Her interview is one of many we’ve been doing over the last few months to get more info on what our customers want and expect from their purchases.

Maya was very forthcoming in telling us what Hitpoint looks for at TurboSquid. The video above is just one of many that will come out of this terrific, informative visit.