How Digital Reality Lab Creates Photorealistic 3D Models

Jesse Radonski 3D Modeling, Featured Artists

The Uncanny Valley can be a frightful place when you’re creating photorealistic 3D models of people. But with a talented team and a lot of cameras, you can create digital humans from all walks of life. Digital Reality Lab took us behind the scenes of their studio in Bulgaria where they specialize in character 3D scanning services for VFX, video …

Artist Spotlight: Deniz Ozemre

Larissa Mori Artists, Featured Artists

Deniz Ozemre’s career began with nothing more than a PC and a passion for digital art. Today, he works on some of the biggest movies in the world. As if that isn’t cool enough, he also creates photorealistic busts of historical figures like Beethoven and Socrates. We couldn’t resist catching up with Deniz to find out how his career got …

Arch Angel by Javier Antunez

Tattoo realism reimagined with Tattooed Theory’s Javier Antunez

TurboSquid 3D Modeling, Artists, Customers, Featured Artists, Guest Artists, Sightings

3D models are commonplace tools in most industries that deal in digital, but how useful can 3D be when screens are removed from the mix entirely? We recently became aware of a very singular use case for TurboSquid’s 3D catalog: tattoos. We sat down with Javier Antunez, owner and popular realist artist at Tattooed Theory to hear more about his …