How Digital Reality Lab Creates Photorealistic 3D Models

Jesse Radonski 3D Modeling, Featured Artists

The Uncanny Valley can be a frightful place when you’re creating photorealistic 3D models of people. But with a talented team and a lot of cameras, you can create digital humans from all walks of life. Digital Reality Lab took us behind the scenes of their studio in Bulgaria where they specialize in character 3D scanning services for VFX, video …

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CES 2023: 5 Trends That Could Impact 3D Artists

Dade Orgeron 3D Modeling, Company, Industry News

If you’re into technology like we are, you probably keep an eye on news from the Consumer Electronics Show each year. But with so much on display, it can be difficult to find CES coverage that speaks to the unique interests of 3D artists. We’ve got your back! Our team scoured the show floor and wanted to tell you about …