Adam Savage in his ACES helmet at San Diego Comic Con

Adam Savage 3D Printed His Comic-Con Helmet from a TurboSquid Model

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Adam Savage, known best as the star and executive producer of MythBusters, has translated his talent and fame into several popular ventures, including his website and YouTube Channel, Tested, where he combines his love for all things engineering and nerd culture. Any true fan knows that Adam regularly attends Comic-Con and other large conventions incognito in a cosplay of his own making.

While preparing his costume for the 2018 Comic-Con, Adam mentioned on his channel that he purchased a 3D file for the centerpiece of his ACES spacesuit cosplay– the dual visor helmet— from an online 3D retailer. We reached out and Adam confirmed that the helmet did indeed come from TurboSquid!

When asked how he got the measurements for the helmet, the artist 3d Molier International, said that only reference photos from the internet were used, and deep experience working in 3D filled in any gaps.

Adam further commented, “I’m delighted to hear that the artist 3d Molier International used their ingenuity and deep research to make a fantastically accurate shuttle helmet. Using it as the jumping off point for constructing my physical helmet was a gamble for me that paid off because of their artistry. The final product is so amazing, every time I look at it I’m blown away by all the skill and joy all of my colleagues brought to this project.”

You can watch the costuming unfold in this series of videos:

3D printing the helmet

Vacuum forming the plastic visor pieces

Adam assembles the helmet

ACES Suit fitting

ACES Suit on the Comic Con floor

Thanks to all of the artists and makers on this project who did great work and documented the process so well! If you’re interested in sharing your customer story with the TurboSquid community, you can reach our team by emailing me, TurboSquid’s Brand Engagement Specialist, at

Aces Helmet constructed from TurboSquid model