5 YouTube Creators That Know How to Teach 3D Modeling

Jesse Radonski 3D Modeling

If you’ve ever wanted to sculpt digital dragons or breathe life into 3D characters, it’s no secret that YouTube is a fantastic online destination for beginners. Find the right instructor and you may be surprised how fast you can create and animate a scaly monstrosity…or whatever else your heart desires.  But with millions of channels to wade through, where do …

Futuristic fly cruise ship by Alexander Tujicov.

Artist Spotlight: Alexander Tujicov

Larissa Mori Artists, Featured Artists

After studying to become an architect, LA-based Alexander Tujicov turned his 3D hobby into a career by specializing in stunning architectural visualizations. Now, he’s leveraged the same skills that make for a good arch-viz render to create photo-real environments in the metaverse. We caught up with him to learn more below.  TurboSquid: What makes you passionate about architectural visualization? Alexander …