Making a Quad Sphere: 3ds Max, Maya, & Cinema 4D

Deborah Anderson 3D Modeling, TurboTips

We’re going to go over how to make a quad sphere in 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D, for CheckMate Pro v2.

The default sphere is problematic because of the two poles. By itself, a standard sphere does not seem to pose any problems, but when it comes time to subdivide, the differences in polygon density at the equator and at the poles produces pinching, and squashes the sphere around the equator. Read More

Converting Max VRay Materials to Standard Materials

Chris Briere 3D Modeling, Site, TurboTips

In Product Support, we have noticed that there are frequent issues with artists’ exchange formats (FBX, OBJ, .3DS, DAE).  When exporting these exchange formats, there are a few things that you should address.

Many artists use VRay materials and don’t convert their models into a standard format before exporting into one of the exchange formats. If you export a model with VRay materials attached, it will cause the materials to default to the color gray when importing the model into another program. Read More

How-To Video: Making a Wireframe Thumbnail using Scanline or mental ray for 3ds Max

TurboSquid Artists, TurboTips

This quick tutorial walks through the process of making a wireframe thumbnail using Scanline or mental ray for 3ds Max.  The steps presented in the video are outlined below.

  1. Open 3ds Max file.
  2. If it’s a Scanline file, change renderer to mental ray.
  3. Go to the material editor (m).
  4. Change the material from “Standard” to “Composite” by pressing the button that says “Standard” and choosing “Composite” from the material drop down.
Read More