How-To Video: Making a Wireframe Thumbnail using Scanline or mental ray for 3ds Max

TurboSquid Artists, TurboTips

This quick tutorial walks through the process of making a wireframe thumbnail using Scanline or mental ray for 3ds Max.  The steps presented in the video are outlined below.

  1. Open 3ds Max file.
  2. If it’s a Scanline file, change renderer to mental ray.
  3. Go to the material editor (m).
  4. Change the material from “Standard” to “Composite” by pressing the button that says “Standard” and choosing “Composite” from the material drop down.
  5. Select the “Base Material:” and by changing the diffuse color you can control the wireframe background color.
  6. Select “Go to Parent”.
  7. Next to “Mat. 1:” select the “None” button and change it to a standard material from the material drop down (this will take you to the screen where you can control the wireframes).
  8. Check “Wire” under the “Sharer Basic Parameters”
  9. Adjust the wire color by changing the diffuse color.
  10. Under “Extended Parameters”, you can change the wire size in the top right corner.
  11. Select the model, and apply the wireframe material to the model by dragging and dropping or by clicking on “Assign Material to Selection”.
  12. To change the thumbnail background you can go to the “Rendering” drop down and choose “Environment” and select the box under “Color:” to adjust the color to your liking.
  13. Render your wireframe thumbnail by going to “Render Production” at the top right.
  14. Save your render by selecting save image.


Remember: For CheckMate Pro the wireframe thumbnail background must be of neutral tone and distinctively different than the non-wireframe images. And, the wire color must be black, white, or gray. Other colors are allowed at TurboSquid Inspector discretion.

Click here to learn more about Wireframe Thumbnails.

Featured Model used in the creation of this video is a Russian Battle Tank by TurboSquid artist 3d_molier.