Forest 3D model by coreray.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite 3D Models of the Month

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Whether you’re making a film, perfecting your arch-viz, or even building a metaverse, our ready-made 3D assets have you covered. Created by TurboSquid’s talented contributing artists, each asset is ready to drag and drop straight into your project ⁠— so you can spend less time modeling and more time telling your story. To inspire you with the possibilities, we’ve rounded …

TurboSquid is going to Autodesk University!

Come Join TurboSquid at Autodesk University 2022 in New Orleans

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Want to create augmented reality events, 3D billboards, metaverse experiences, and more? Join TurboSquid by Shutterstock at Autodesk University 2022! We’ll take you through how to do it all without having to start from square one — thanks to our Shutterstock Studios team of artists and our library of more than one million 3D stock models.   As well as getting …

Futuristic fly cruise ship by Alexander Tujicov.

Artist Spotlight: Alexander Tujicov

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After studying to become an architect, LA-based Alexander Tujicov turned his 3D hobby into a career by specializing in stunning architectural visualizations. Now, he’s leveraged the same skills that make for a good arch-viz render to create photo-real environments in the metaverse. We caught up with him to learn more below.  TurboSquid: What makes you passionate about architectural visualization? Alexander …

VR and AR technology futuristic concept by Andrey Suslov.

World-Jumpers: 3 Steps to Building 3D Models That Work in Every Metaverse

Dade Orgeron 3D Best Practices

How would you react if a friend grabbed your phone? For many of us, it would be tempting to grab it back. Our phone isn’t just a device to us; it’s a digital extension of ourselves. And in the next ten years, we’re probably going to see that same transference happen again when people start creating digital personas within the …