Artist Guest Post: YurkP – Flipped Normals and Smoothing Groups

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As promised, we’re happy to present the next installment of artist YurkP’s tutorial of his Cuban House of Diversity model. Today’s segment will cover flipped normals and smoothing groups. You can read last week’s segment about Reference and Scene Prep here. At first, I thought this object might be too easy for this tutorial. However, I found some tiny things, …

3D Futuristic City HD by Asset Scan 3d

Check out some of our recent staff favorites

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The team loves to look for and pass around excellent new models from our artists. There is amazing new work being published to the site every day! We asked around and curated a collection of some of our team’s favorite models from the past few months.

Artist Guest Post: YurkP – Reference and Scene Prep

DeLonna Day 3D Modeling, Artists, Guest Artists

For this installation of our Artist Guest Posts, we’re really excited to present a highly detailed tutorial hosted exclusively by TurboSquid. Artist YurkP has broken down his creative process for his Cuban House of Diversity model. This tutorial is so extensive, we’ve opted to present this to you as a 6 part series. In today’s portion, YurkP will talk about …

1st Place Winner 3D Composition Category

Announcing Winners of Lost at Sea 3D Art Competition

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“Lost at Sea” was our first ever 3D art challenge, and we were thrilled with the quality of submissions we received from all of you! Our panel of TurboSquid and 3D industry judges had their work cut out for them, and the judging is now complete. We’re happy to show everyone the winners for the Lost at Sea 3D Art …