Create a Timeless Holiday Scene With These Festive Favorites

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Building a holiday scene, like the season itself, can be chaotic. Whether it’s a snow-covered town or a festive storefront, you need a whole load of assets to recreate the most decorative time of year. Or perhaps you just want some objects to populate an arctic environment. When it came time to highlight our favorite holiday-themed assets from the library, we also picked some that would work for any wintery project.

Take a look!

Winter Passage 3D Model | raffyraffy

Snow-covered landscapes are a fixture of the holiday season. According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, locations across the US from Crater Lake, Oregon to Aspen, Colorado are almost 100% guaranteed a white Christmas every year.

Maybe you don’t want to capture the festive season’s extreme weather at all and just need a realistic setting for your snowbound action sequence, this model has the perfect layout. The only limit to this large mountainous environment is your imagination.

3D Winter passage by raffyraffy. Product ID: 2133690

A winter holiday scene with snow falling along a mountain path with trees.

Winter Trees 3D Model | VIZPARK

No natural winter wonderland would be complete without snow-topped trees. This collection of 24 tree and shrub models does more than deliver the holiday feeling, it also saves precious detailing time with snow simulated by particles falling onto the twigs. Whatever winter project you’re working on, these models will help populate the background and enable realistic lighting with their translucent materials.

Winter Trees 3D model by VIZPARK. Product ID: 2129369

A collection of snow covered trees suitable for a holiday scene.

Snowman 3D Model | RaveeCG

Do you want to build a snowman? No? Well, that’s okay, this one is already built for you. Whether you’re creating a snow-covered front yard for a game or a classically inspired holiday animation, this cheerful character has the detailed textures to hold up.

Snowman 3D model by RaveeCG. Product ID: 2013399

A 3D snowman ready to insert into a holiday scene.

Snowmobile 3D Model | 3d_molier International

Festive family fun, a James Bond-esque snow chase, or a winter sports championship — you can depict them all with this electric snowmobile model. These extreme vehicles have never gone out of fashion when it comes to iconic action scenes. You can see them in all kinds of movies, from Inception to Die Hard 2. What’s more, this snowmobile is already fully rigged and ready to be animated alongside your characters.

Sled Polaris Black Rigged for Maya 3D model
Product ID: 2143727

A sleek motor powered snow sled.

Gift Boxes 3D Model | Mechan3D

Christmas isn’t just about the gifts, but your next project might be. Maybe you’re hard at work on a seasonal visualization for your client or want to create an idyllic holiday scene. Whatever you’re working on, you could do a lot worse than this collection of 10 realistic gift boxes. Created from actual photographs, these textures will hold up to intense scrutiny.

3D model Gift Boxes Collection
Product ID: 2157063

A collection of gift boxes, suitable for a holiday scene.

If you need inspiration for your holiday project or just want to store some assets for your next winter visualization, we hope we’ve highlighted some useful models this month. Happy holidays!

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