Inspired by November: Thanksgiving 3D models and more

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When it comes to November, it can be easy to just zero in on turkey day. Especially when you’re tasked with creating Thanksgiving content. And while there’s a wealth of great Thanksgiving models in the library, we also wanted to highlight some options that would work well for other popular events, like Black Friday, No-Shave November, and more.

Have a look!

Roasted Turkey 3D Model | Abramsdesign

Approximately 40 million whole turkeys are consumed in the U.S. each Thanksgiving, so a turkey 3D model can be a valuable investment for your holiday-themed projects. Outside of the holiday season, it can also serve as a visual aid in online cooking tutorials or evoke the warmth and inviting atmosphere of a kitchen in an architectural visualization project. Need some mashed potatoes to complement the main course? TurboSquid has those too.

Roast turkey 3D model via abramsdesign

Shopping Mall 3D Model Collection | Budent

Of course, you can’t have Thanksgiving without Black Friday. While plenty of shopping happens online, last year, the National Retail Federation reported that 67% of 114.9 million Black Friday shoppers expected to head to retail stores.

Need to create a leading visual for some Black Friday reporting? Your creative options are plentiful with the amount of retail stores in this environment. A mall this spacious has so much storytelling potential too, and since it’s built to a real-world scale, it shouldn’t be difficult to populate it with shoppers modeled with that spec in mind.

Shopping mall 3D model collection via Budent

Mountain Landscape 3D Model | 3D Division

For those who favor the outdoors over crowded shopping centers, November marks the season when snow starts blanketing mountain peaks. Take a look at this 3ds Max and V-Ray landscape—it’s not only visually stunning but also allows easy editing of surfaces. Whether you want to add more details for high-resolution renders or gaming purposes, this landscape has you covered.

Mountain landscape 3D model via 3D Division

Viking 3D Model | Art Hiraeth

You might be thinking, “What does a Viking have to do with this month?” Well, it’s No-Shave November, of course! This bearded warrior is rigged and includes 14 animations, such as attacking, jumping, blocking, and more. Whether you need a character for an Unreal Engine role-playing game or a cheeky ad for beard balm, this guy has the chops.

Viking 3D model via Art Hiraeth

3D Model Book Collection | Dena business

Last but not least, November kicks off NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month motivates new and experienced writers to join a community, hone their skills, and create new worlds. We’re sure many 3D artists can relate to that.

These rigged and animated books are fully textured Checkmate Pro-certified models, so they’re immediately ready to use in many types of 3D software and game engines. Each one is highly detailed, which means you should have no issues with the quality if you need to get some close-up shots or renders.

Book collection 3D models via Dena business

So, whether you’re planning out your 3D model needs for holidays throughout 2024 or just needing a little inspiration to lead you to just the right time-saving model, we hope these are a helpful place to begin.

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