TurboSquid and New Orleans in the News

Anthony Coleman Company

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Over the past few weeks, TurboSquid and New Orleans have been mentioned by business journalists and bloggers worldwide because of our recent move into the Intellectual Property (IP) building. Formerly the McGlinchey Stafford building, the IP is the focal point for entrepreneurial companies on the verge of the next big thing in the Big Easy. Companies such as iSeatz, Launch Pad, and Carrollton Technology Partners have joined TurboSquid in this Magazine Street building to create a tech center that is being noticed at the local, state and national levels. Read More

SquidGuild Sees Strong Adoption

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling

Launched less than a week ago, the SquidGuild is off to fast start. More than 1/3 of the Diamond level sellers are already signed up and more than 100 new members are being added a day.

We worked hard to get this program launched and the response has been gratifying. I want to offer thanks to all of the participants and say that we will continue to improve our business  in every way we can. Read More

Economy Rebounding?

Matt Wisdom Site

TurboSquid’s sales have been great in August. It’s normally a slower month, like June and July, but has been putting up really high numbers. We introduced a new search engine and interface, and I know that deserves some credit. But with the blockbuster sales this month it makes me think the world might be waking up from the crisis. When our Controller Eric (the main accountant) came back from vacation yesterday, I told him the sales figures and his eyes widened with a big smile. Read More

Site Upgrade for Sellers is Live

Paul Teall 3D Modeling, Site

We promoted a big series of updates to the site yesterday, and they were almost exclusively aimed at our community of sellers.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the new features that were launched:

  • The SquidGuild is our new seller exclusivity program.  Join today and learn how you can make up to 80% by selling your products exclusively with TurboSquid.
  • SquidLevel – All artists have been broken down into a tier based on their lifetime sales.  The more you sell, the faster you’ll increase your SquidLevel and the more benefits you’ll receive.  All sellers will have access to new reports at each SquidLevel.
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New Search Interface Released

Anthony Coleman Site


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As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve been hard at work on the redesign of our search interface.  We’re happy to announce today that the updated search has been officially released to all TurboSquid users!

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to check out the Beta, you’ll find that the new search interface makes it easier than ever to browse our massive catalog of high quality stock 3D content. Read More

Habitat for Humanity Build 2009

Anthony Coleman Company

As many of you may know, TurboSquid organized a Habitat for Humanity build on the weekend before SIGGRAPH 2009. Squids, Autodesk employees and 3D artists put down their laptops and picked up tools to help rebuild a damaged home in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.  We even had a group of students from Minnestoa drive down to pitch in after seeing an update on our Twitter feed!  It was incredibly hot and the work was hard, but everyone commented on what a fantastic time they had.  Thanks to everyone that turned out and participated. Read More