Google Insights: Determining Brand Awareness

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling, Site

People ask us all the time about our viewpoint on web traffic, how this process works, and what it means for industry trends. Well, customers come to TurboSquid from a variety of directions. Most just simply type into their browsers to get right to our site’s own search. A lot find us because of our relationships with Autodesk and other 3D application companies with the Tentacles plug-in for TurboSquid. Read More

Using 3D Model Planes in the Real World

Anthony Coleman Site

Plane 3D Model by BlueGreen

3D Plane by Exclusive Artist BlueGreen

People often ask who’s buying 3D models from TurboSquid and why. The most common assumption is that they are for video games, movies, and television. The truth is a lot of 3D content on the site is actually bought by military agencies, the government, and hobbyists. One of the most popular categories purchased is 3D planes. Read More

Selling 3D Models: TurboSquid Publishing Best Practices – Naming Models

Beau Perschall 3D Modeling

This time out, we’re going to look at another crucial aspect of publishing that may seem obvious to some of you: the naming of the parts of your 3D model logically. Now, I’m not trying to force any of you to adopt some sort of draconian method or system to name your models, but our Member Services team has dealt with their fair share of clients who need help in trying to decipher a complex 3D model and figure out how it works simply because everything within it is named “Box209”, “Box210”, “pSphere75”, “CV_Curve26”, etc. Read More

Meet TurboSquid’s Member Services Department

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Working to provide world class customer service to all our members, and to help our artists achieve maximum sales

Nancy-Ellen Martin

Hi, I’m Nancy-Ellen Martin and I love my job. I’m the Director of Member Services here at TurboSquid,  and I’m really excited to do our first Member Services Blog entry. Our team provides support to all our artists and clients on TurboSquid, and to our own TurboSquid team as well. Read More

Twitter Giveaway

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If you’re not following us on Twitter, I thought I’d mention that we’re currently running a giveaway for a free Maya book.  Entering is easy – you just need to follow us and retweet the following message:  @TurboSquid3D Win a free Autodesk Maya 2010 Modeling Handbook – $69.99 value. Retweet & follow us for a chance to win! Drawing on 9/14. Read More