Habitat for Humanity Build 2009

Anthony Coleman Company

As many of you may know, TurboSquid organized a Habitat for Humanity build on the weekend before SIGGRAPH 2009. Squids, Autodesk employees and 3D artists put down their laptops and picked up tools to help rebuild a damaged home in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward.  We even had a group of students from Minnestoa drive down to pitch in after seeing an update on our Twitter feed!  It was incredibly hot and the work was hard, but everyone commented on what a fantastic time they had.  Thanks to everyone that turned out and participated. Read More

TurboSquid SquidGuild

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling, Site

Over the last while we’ve been been discussing the SquidGuild exclusivity program  with individuals as much as we could. Now that it is formally announced, I wanted to give some more color about what we’re thinking and how we came to this conclusion.

First off, we did a lot of homework and “market research”. TurboSquid spends a significant amount of time trying to understand our business, and 3D in general. Read More

TurboSquid @Siggraph 2009

Anthony Coleman Site

After nine years, SIGGRAPH has returned to New Orleans! In that time, TurboSquid has continued to grow as the world’s leading resource for stock 3D models <link>, 3D plugins <link>, and textures <link>. We are extremely excited to be hosting SIGGRAPH 2009 <link> in order to show the 3D industry how much the city has grown since Hurricane Katrina.
To give back, we are also hosting a Habitat for Humanity event called “Squid Build” in New Orleans’Ninth Ward on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1. Read More

Next-Generation Search Interface

Paul Teall Site

After months in development, we’re finally ready to announce our new search interface!  We started from nearly the ground up, and we think you’re going to love the results. You’ll notice both visual and functional updates – the new changes make it easier than ever to find the perfect 3D model or texture for your project.

The updates to the search interface were driven by a lot of research into how our users look for products on TurboSquid.  Things like file format compatibility, price and product type are at the top of most people’s lists.  We took all of those elements (and more) and put them right on the search results page as selectable filters.  You can easily select as many of these filters as you’d like, and the new results will update instantly.  In addition, we now show you the number of results you’ll get from selecting each filter – before you actually select the filter.  Curious how many of our “desk” results are available in .3ds and are between $100 and $200?  The answer is visible right on the page. Read More

TurboSquid Blog is Live!

Paul Teall Site

As of today, the TurboSquid blog is officially live and broadcasting to the world.  In the past, we’ve primarily announced updates and site information via our forums and newsletters.  We’re now looking to use the blog, Facebook (our fan page) and Twitter (@TurboSquid) to interact with our customers and vendors on a more frequent basis and in a more transparent way.  Our goal is to use these 3 venues to do the following:

  • Provide you with current news and updates
  • Highlight our community of artists
  • Feature new products
  • Provide tips for selling or buying on TurboSquid
  • 3D or plug-in tutorials
  • Discuss general 3D industry news
  • And more…

We’ve got several internal Squid writers who are going to contribute to the blog, and we’re excited to get started. Read More

Letter from the CEO Regarding Security Breach

Matt Wisdom Site

To the TurboSquid Community:

We are sharing information about a security breach. TurboSquid has been watching and implementing measures to contain a person who we believe accessed FallingPixel.com’s encrypted member password records. For background, FallingPixel is a 3D model marketplace that TurboSquid acquired in 2011. For each password that the intruder then cracked, the intruder was able to access the corresponding FallingPixel account, and by using common passwords that some users had between their FallingPixel and TurboSquid accounts, the intruder was able to access 0.04% of all TurboSquid accounts, which includes 237 artist accounts. Read More