Bad, Bad Unicorn!

Michele Bousquet Sightings 1 Comment

Here at TurboSquid, we were tickled to learn that one of our models is featured in the viral video Mr. Toots. A cute yet evil unicorn wreaks havoc in this hilarious video from the Freddie Wong channel. The skeleton that appears around 0:55 is a TurboSquid model.

In this companion video, the Freddie Wong team talks about how they got the unicorn model, and around the 4:45 mark their 3ds Max artist mentions TurboSquid by name.

These videos are rated DUB for Disturbing Unicorn Behavior. If you are offended by ill-mannered unicorns, we strongly advise you not to watch either of these videos.

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  1. This video is how I found out about TurboSquid! When he said there was a free skeleton model here, I rushed! Sure, I’m looking for mostly free models at the moment, but I know that the non-free models will save me lots of time, so I expect to be buying(and SELLING!) sooner or later.

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