TurboSquid Artists Working the Standards

TurboSquid 3D Modeling

With all the attention we’ve been focusing on 3D modeling standards lately, we’re happy to see that many of our top artists are adopting the standards, not only for their 3D models but also for their product presentations. You’ll see a lot of these standards in action just from shopping around the TurboSquid site.

For example, we’re going for a cleaner look on Search pages to give you a better experience in finding the 3D model you want. This requires our artists to update their models’ thumbnails with an off-white background, which makes each product distinct and clear on the Search page. (For artists: you can find out how to do this in the Signature Images article our Knowledge Base.)

When you see a model that looks like this on our Search page, chances are the product presentation includes several more thumbnails including wireframes. Many also feature turntables and high-resolution thumbnails to show the model in great detail.

While our efforts are centered around developing and promoting the standards, our artists are the ones who make them work. We’re looking forward to the day when our entire catalog provides a great experience for customers, and we can achieve this only with the cooperation of our many fine artists.

Have you noticed a better Search experience? Are you more likely to look at products that are presented like this in our Search results? Please tell us what you think.