TurboSquid in 3D Artist Magazine

TurboSquid 3D Modeling, Sightings

The latest issue of 3D Artist magazine has a lot of goodies for stock 3D artists and users. Issue #28 includes an article called “Making Money From 3D” where TurboSquid is discussed at length, including quotes and discussion from some of our top artists about how they worked their way up to Diamond (the highest sales level at TurboSquid).

The magazine also includes an article called “TurboSquid’s Technical Tips: Standards to please any clients”. This article covers the 3D modeling standards we’ve been developing to improve the customer experience for not just TurboSquid shoppers, but also for custom work and the entire stock 3D industry as a whole.

Good news for readers: you can download 3D Artist to your iPhone or iPad at a discount over the print price.