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TurboTips: Optimizing Render Speed

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 by

Tick, tock… if your render is taking a maddeningly long time, we’ve got a few tips to help you speed up the process, in this edition of TurboTips.

There are many places where your settings can be optimized to speed up your render time. Decreasing the render time will make the model easier to work with (and it can even be mentioned in the model description to attract customers). Some of these are minor settings that don’t affect the model’s quality, and others are a trade off between quality and speed.

These small changes should always be kept in mind, so here are few things to think about when trying to optimize a render. While the examples use 3ds Max, these concepts apply to all 3d Modeling packages:


TurboTip: Quad Cylinder Cap Plug-in for 3ds Max

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by

Welcome to TurboTips: where we give you quick tips that will make your 3D modeling easier, cleaner, and better.  This week, we’re taking a look at a Quad Cylinder Cap Plug-in for 3ds Max.


Vertices or poles with more than 5 edges can cause a variety of issues with a 3D model. Using these vertices should be avoided whenever possible, especially on curved surfaces, because they can cause render issues, edgeflow problems, and can cause the model to break when distorted. (more…)

CheckMate Render, Wireframe and Turntable Tool for 3dsMax

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 by

ts_artist_popa_3d_construction_toolCheck out the latest script created to help those submitting models for CheckMate Pro or Lite Certification. The script, developed by TurboSquid artist Popa_3D, is a great tool to use when preparing your 3ds Max file for submission to CheckMate.

The tool was created to help artists with all aspects of preparing a model for submission.

  • The rendering tool allows for easy turntable creation.
  • Tools preps wireframes and renders to easily pass inspection.
  • The fixing tools include “one click” options to remove Ngons from your model, remove isolated vertices, perform a batch rename and loads of other features that will make fixing your model incredibly easy.
  • The script also comes with its own installer and a comprehensive help section to answer any questions about the many features in the script.

There are fast scene inspection tools which will show problems in your scene which can be used as a good guide, but the Official CheckMate Script for 3ds Max is what the CheckMate Inspectors used when working with models.


CheckMate Resources

CheckMate Tools Available for Download (including the new POPA_3D script)

CheckMate Pro Specifications

CheckMate Lite Specifications



Changes to Publishing Pricing Policy: CheckMate Pro for $49 / $99

Monday, September 10th, 2012 by

CheckMate Pro Pricing Up until now, when an artist wanted to publish a CheckMate Pro model priced at $49 or $99, it was necessary to temporarily price the model at $149 and then open a support ticket. I am excited to announce that artists can now publish CheckMate Pro models priced at $49 or $99 directly within our Publisher interface, meaning the model can carry the desired price right away. All of the other CheckMate Pricing Policies still apply, but now you can easily submit any model under $149 to get certified!

This also means that you can now change the price of your CheckMate Pro model to $49 or $99 using the same process as any other price change, through the Publisher with no support ticket required. The model’s CheckMate Pro badge is temporarily removed while an inspector confirms the appropriateness of the new price, but the badge is usually given back within a day.

We made this change because many of our artists requested this feature, and we are always looking for ways to improve the CheckMate program. We really appreciate your input, whether from customer surveys or conversations on the forums. I hope that this feature helps make your CheckMate experience quicker and easier.

Speeding Up the CheckMate Process

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 by

We are always looking for ways to improve the CheckMate certification process. Often, the only thing that prevents a model from being certified is a small error, like a spelling mistake or typo. In cases like these, it would often just be easier for TurboSquid to make a quick fix to the product.

Beginning Wednesday, August 22nd, TurboSquid will begin fixing small mistakes in the product preview for models submitted to CheckMate including:

  • Correction of spelling and capitalization mistakes in the title and/or description, as well as punctuation errors
  • Updates to the polygon and vertex counts (if they are almost correct)
  • Addition of any missing keywords that could help with search results

What we won’t be changing is any of the presentation content – only obvious errors that will result in added time to the inspection process.

For those artists not interested in allowing TurboSquid to make small fixes to their products can opt out of the program. Simply open a support ticket with the subject “Opt out of CheckMate Fixes” and select the category of “Certification” and you will be removed from the service.

We do feel think that this will help to speed up the certification process for many, and we look forward to inspecting your future submissions!

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