CheckMate Pro Pricing

Changes to Publishing Pricing Policy: CheckMate Pro for $49 / $99

Mark Dunn CheckMate, Site

CheckMate Pro Pricing Up until now, when an artist wanted to publish a CheckMate Pro model priced at $49 or $99, it was necessary to temporarily price the model at $149 and then open a support ticket. I am excited to announce that artists can now publish CheckMate Pro models priced at $49 or $99 directly within our Publisher interface, meaning the model can carry the desired price right away. Read More

No Sacred Cows

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling, Site

Sacred Cow

This isn’t really on TurboSquid. We made it up.


You’ve probably noticed how much energy we’ve put into raising the quality of models on the site with CheckMate. We’ve also been removing lower quality models, but that rate is about to go up, by a lot.

I wanted to give artists notice that this is coming. We’re going to focus on the very lowest quality first, and work our way up over time. Read More

CheckMate News and Events

Michele Bousquet CheckMate, Site

VIEW Conference

TurboSquid will be giving a presentation on CheckMate 3D Modeling Standards at the VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy on October 25 at 4:30pm in the Cavour Room. The VIEW Conference takes place at the Torino Incontra Oct 25-28. At our presentation we’ll talk about the research behind CheckMate, the standards themselves, and early results from implementing CheckMate at TurboSquid. Read More

3D Model Pricing

Matt Wisdom 3D Modeling, Site

I wanted to take a moment to discuss some of the issues around 3D model prices, and whether the price per model is worth the effort for some artists to publish and sell. Many artists make their entire income from TurboSquid, and we’ve spent an enormous amount of time studying this topic, so I wanted to share some thoughts. I’ll start with the conclusion — the answer for artists who want to sell at higher price points is to give customers more value for their money at those higher prices, with less risk and hassle. Read More