CheckMate Pro Pricing

Changes to Publishing Pricing Policy: CheckMate Pro for $49 / $99

Mark Dunn CheckMate, Site

CheckMate Pro Pricing Up until now, when an artist wanted to publish a CheckMate Pro model priced at $49 or $99, it was necessary to temporarily price the model at $149 and then open a support ticket. I am excited to announce that artists can now publish CheckMate Pro models priced at $49 or $99 directly within our Publisher interface, meaning the model can carry the desired price right away. All of the other CheckMate Pricing Policies still apply, but now you can easily submit any model under $149 to get certified!

This also means that you can now change the price of your CheckMate Pro model to $49 or $99 using the same process as any other price change, through the Publisher with no support ticket required. The model’s CheckMate Pro badge is temporarily removed while an inspector confirms the appropriateness of the new price, but the badge is usually given back within a day.

We made this change because many of our artists requested this feature, and we are always looking for ways to improve the CheckMate program. We really appreciate your input, whether from customer surveys or conversations on the forums. I hope that this feature helps make your CheckMate experience quicker and easier.