Speeding Up the CheckMate Process

Mark Dunn Artists, CheckMate, publishing, Site

We are always looking for ways to improve the CheckMate certification process. Often, the only thing that prevents a model from being certified is a small error, like a spelling mistake or typo. In cases like these, it would often just be easier for TurboSquid to make a quick fix to the product.

Beginning Wednesday, August 22nd, TurboSquid will begin fixing small mistakes in the product preview for models submitted to CheckMate including:

  • Correction of spelling and capitalization mistakes in the title and/or description, as well as punctuation errors
  • Updates to the polygon and vertex counts (if they are almost correct)
  • Addition of any missing keywords that could help with search results

What we won’t be changing is any of the presentation content – only obvious errors that will result in added time to the inspection process.

For those artists not interested in allowing TurboSquid to make small fixes to their products can opt out of the program. Simply open a support ticket with the subject “Opt out of CheckMate Fixes” and select the category of “Certification” and you will be removed from the service.

We do feel think that this will help to speed up the certification process for many, and we look forward to inspecting your future submissions!