CheckMate Render, Wireframe and Turntable Tool for 3dsMax

Mark Dunn CheckMate, Featured Artists

ts_artist_popa_3d_construction_toolCheck out the latest script created to help those submitting models for CheckMate Pro or Lite Certification. The script, developed by TurboSquid artist Popa_3D, is a great tool to use when preparing your 3ds Max file for submission to CheckMate.

The tool was created to help artists with all aspects of preparing a model for submission.

  • The rendering tool allows for easy turntable creation.
  • Tools preps wireframes and renders to easily pass inspection.
  • The fixing tools include “one click” options to remove Ngons from your model, remove isolated vertices, perform a batch rename and loads of other features that will make fixing your model incredibly easy.
  • The script also comes with its own installer and a comprehensive help section to answer any questions about the many features in the script.

There are fast scene inspection tools which will show problems in your scene which can be used as a good guide, but the Official CheckMate Script for 3ds Max is what the CheckMate Inspectors used when working with models.


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