StemCell v2 is almost here: Save more time selling 3D models

Mark Dunn 3D Modeling

When it comes to modeling, everybody has a preference — Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, you name it. But as everyone knows, making a model in one application can be limiting when it comes to future sales. What is a standard file in one market, might be completely different in another, leading many to have to make the choice between accepting limited reach or taking the time to build for another application. 

That’s why we came up with StemCell.

If you’re new to it, it’s essentially a workflow/spec that allows us to take your 3D model and convert it for multiple DCC applications, game engines, and interchange methods. So if you’re a 3ds Max modeler, great. Make your model to spec and we’ll make it ready for Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, Unity, etc. so your model reaches more markets. 

This tech is already helping contributors sell a lot more models to a lot more people. So why not make it even better?

We’re releasing StemCell v2 soon, which is designed to make it easier to upload and sell your models. It also cuts some steps that artists found frustrating before, so this entire process is more streamlined. And by popular demand, we’ve also updated the processes to support Blender inputs!

We’ve prepared a little cheat sheet on the new developments below. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

Are there any changes to the workflow from StemCell v1 to v2?

StemCell v2 is shifting away from a specular/glossiness texture workflow into one built around PBR metallic/roughness. This should save artists at least an hour in labor time and will make it easier to submit their models. Also, since there’s only a single texture set, we’ve removed a stage where artists previously had to link materials for the real-time renders manually.

If you’re already using PBR metallic/roughness textures, then great! There should be very few changes needed on your end to submit your models.

How will StemCell v2 streamline the model-submission process?

StemCell v1 has specific material and texture settings that were designated as errors. When these would show up, artists would have to fix them. We’ve updated our workflow to automatically address most of these issues for artists so they don’t have to worry about things like absolute texture paths, specific texture suffixes, texture blur values, and more.

Does StemCell v2 include an improved review process?

Yes! We’ve automated many of the checks that TurboSquid inspectors had to previously do by hand. This reduces the amount of time it takes to check each model, meaning the model will get approved even faster for selling.

Ideal StemCell v2 3D model

What’s the benefit of submitting a StemCell model?

Besides preparing a single model for more types of applications, StemCell models also receive a search boost on the TurboSquid marketplace, which means these models will show up higher in search rankings. This can directly correlate to higher sales.

The models will also be more attractive to customers because there is a verified output in a wide variety of software (with test renders) so they can be confident that the model will work in their application of choice; this means they will be more comfortable buying your product instead of an untested one.

There will also be several places on the search page and other landing pages where StemCell models will be highlighted to customers. These models are classified with a StemCell badge next to them.

How should I prepare for StemCell v2?

Familiarize yourself with the PBR metallic/roughness workflow. Shutterstock Visual Architect Daniel Chavez has written two blog posts to introduce you if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Then take a look at our updated documentation.

Finally, if you have any other questions or want to keep the conversation going, head to our forum to talk with our team and other artists. Here are some questions we have for you:

  • What was your most significant pain point in StemCell v1 that we can work on improving?
  • What other outputs would you like to see added to StemCell v2?
  • For Blender artists, what renderer would you like to see supported besides Cycles?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the update! Thanks again to all of the artists who have contributed to the TurboSquid marketplace and we can’t wait to support you further in the near future.

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