CheckMate Pro Webinar

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3D model MicrophoneBy popular demand, we’re offering a new webinar on Preparing Your Model for CheckMate Pro! In addition to learning all the ins and outs of submitting your 3D model for the highest standard, you’ll get a first look at recommendations from the recent CheckMate Advisory Board meeting. These recommendations aren’t out yet–this webinar is the only place to find out about them right now. Read More

How-To Video: Fixing Overlapping Faces in 3ds Max

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This video will show you how to find and fix overlapping faces using xView in 3ds Max 2010 or later.

  1. Select the model.
  2. If grouped, ungroup the model.
  3. Go to “Customize”, then “Units Setup…”, and select “Generic Units” so that it matches our CheckMate script.
  4. Find “xView” in the drop-down menu and once your mouse is over it another set of options will appear and you want to select “Overlapping Faces”.
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Webinar: Converting 3D Models

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3D model MicrophoneOffering exchange file formats (OBJ, FBX, etc.) with your models is one way to boost your sales, but how do you export decent files that will satisfy customers? Come to our free webinar and find out how!

Although TurboSquid has offered free file format conversions for several years, many customers want to download an exchange format immediately. Offering an exchange format as part of your product can boost your sales, but only if the file works as expected. Read More

Video: Preparing Your 3D Model for CheckMate Lite

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We held a webinar on “Preparing Your 3D Model for CheckMate Lite” this week. Artists cited the “little tips, suggestions, and inside data” as a main benefit, and also liked finding out about “sales and CheckMate progress overall”. We also had numerous requests was that we post the webinar on our YouTube channel so those who couldn’t attend could see what it was all about. Read More