Video: Preparing Your 3D Model for CheckMate Lite

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We held a webinar on “Preparing Your 3D Model for CheckMate Lite” this week. Artists cited the “little tips, suggestions, and inside data” as a main benefit, and also liked finding out about “sales and CheckMate progress overall”. We also had numerous requests was that we post the webinar on our YouTube channel so those who couldn’t attend could see what it was all about.

We’re pleased to tell you that the webinar has now been posted on YouTube in two parts. The first video describes how to prepare your model for publishing, and the second video goes over the publishing process and what happens after you submit your 3D model to CheckMate. There are a few points along the way where I talk about feedback from customers, particularly how wireframes affect their perceptions of 3D model quality.


We’ll be holding webinars on CheckMate Pro next week. As always, attendance is free! Click here to register and hold your place.

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