Upgrades at TurboSquid

Chris Phillips Site

I wanted to give a quick summary of where we are in development.

My Files: Publisher and Download system redesign: We’ve spent a lot of time this year improving the new My Files section.  Uploads processing and stability improved. Customers’ experience with downloading  was streamlined, and they got new features like zip downloads.  Publishing received many tweaks, upgrades and bug fixes, heavily based on user feedback. Read More

Today’s site upgrades

Chris Phillips Site

The site was upgraded today to improve the Publisher and fix a number of small bugs. We’ve run through all the requests from those who were still using the old Publisher. After six months of fixes, upgrades, new features, and multiple contacts to all interested parties, we’ve removed the links to the old Download area, Product Manager, and Upload pages.

Publisher upgrades that went live today:

  • Exposed direct Save Draft functionality: Previously, if you wanted to save your changes to a draft without publishing the draft or overwriting the existing values, you had to use an indirect method.  By request, we’ve made the option to Save Draft now always available.
Read More

Dashboard and Reports now much faster

Chris Phillips Site

Last week we upgraded our Database Warehouse infrastructure. That’s the system that holds large data sets for reports, such as the Statistic reports you can access from your Dashboard.

The infrastructure allows complex report requests to run in the background, so the reports themselves will come up faster when you request them. This new setup has shown dramatic increases in speed for report viewing, and also in the loads of the Dashboard and the reports that show on it initially. Read More

Zip Downloads, Right-Clicking, and more in New Upgrade

Chris Phillips Site

Today we upgraded the site with a number of new features and bug fixes. We feel that we’ve dealt with just about all the issues that customers and artists have brought up with the new My Files section over the last several months.  We will be notifying everyone and asking for a one last set of feedback as we are planning to take the old Product Manager offline after the next release, which will be in a matter of weeks. Read More

End of Beta for Publisher and My Files

Chris Phillips Site

As expected, the new Publisher and Download section have left Beta and are now the default interfaces. The “Download” item in the navigation bar is now this new My Files section, containing all your purchases, published products, and uploads. You will still be able to use the old Product Manager and Download page for the next 1-2 months, but then they will go offline. Read More

Main Database Server Upgrade

John Foster Site

Hi, I’m John Foster, the Systems Administrator at TurboSquid.  We’ve been making some changes recently on the back-end of our site to try and improve performance and create a better user experience.  Most recently, this past Sunday morning, we upgraded our main database server, and I wanted to share some of the before and after data with you.

We upgraded the server to the fastest hardware available to us which has increased performance site-wide.  Some key areas where you should notice the performance boost are Full Preview, Product Manager, and Forums. Read More