Main Database Server Upgrade

TurboSquid Site

Hi, I’m John Foster, the Systems Administrator at TurboSquid.  We’ve been making some changes recently on the back-end of our site to try and improve performance and create a better user experience.  Most recently, this past Sunday morning, we upgraded our main database server, and I wanted to share some of the before and after data with you.

We upgraded the server to the fastest hardware available to us which has increased performance site-wide.  Some key areas where you should notice the performance boost are Full Preview, Product Manager, and Forums. Other integral parts of the site such as Search are running on separate servers which have also been upgraded over the past few months and are optimized by other means (such as memcached, for you techies out there who like to know these things).

Here’s some data from Full Preview page loads to give you an idea of the type of improvement to expect:

As you can see, the new server decreased the severity of some of the load time spikes that we were seeing on the old machine, greatly improving consistency.  We’ve also decreased load times in general by an average of over 200%.

We’re very pleased with the results and hope that the performance enhancements improve your experience at TurboSquid.