Today’s site upgrades

Chris Phillips Site

The site was upgraded today to improve the Publisher and fix a number of small bugs. We’ve run through all the requests from those who were still using the old Publisher. After six months of fixes, upgrades, new features, and multiple contacts to all interested parties, we’ve removed the links to the old Download area, Product Manager, and Upload pages.

Publisher upgrades that went live today:

  • Exposed direct Save Draft functionality: Previously, if you wanted to save your changes to a draft without publishing the draft or overwriting the existing values, you had to use an indirect method.  By request, we’ve made the option to Save Draft now always available.
  • New “Show all help” and “Hide all help” functionality.
  • The third tab has been shrunk, removing the need to scroll when there is no help for that area.
  • We now limit the number of characters allowed as you type them in the tags field. If you copy/paste, there is still no limit in the UI, but when you publish it will trim the excess.
  • In order to help improve the quality of content on the site, product-type-specific attributes no longer default, but must be chosen directly.  For example, you must now specifically state whether your 3D model is textured.
  • We’ve added a  new attribute to 3D models: “UV Mapped”. This means that all faces in the model are assigned a flat UV coordinate for proper texture placement and appearance. This will also help improve the quality of previews.
  • Polygons and Vertices fields handle too-large values properly.

Search upgrades:

  • Sadly, IE6 is not dead yet. To punish our developers, we decided to make them code the new search UI for IE6. Along the way, we solved a few search bugs.
  • Separately, we’ve done an upgrade pass on the My Files Search.

General bug fixes include:

  • Main File uploads now allow parentheses in filename.
  • Format detection works for RARs and names with underscores.
  • Large thumbnails now showing in Presentation Images tab of Publisher during first edit.
  • Copying multiple products simultaneously from a corporate account now works correctly.
  • Uploads with non-flash uploader can go in any Step, not just Step 1.
  • Editing of descriptions for Textures type accompanying files after first upload, is now working correctly.
  • Font for Publisher + Reports pulldowns unified for all browsers.