Upgrades at TurboSquid

Chris Phillips Site

I wanted to give a quick summary of where we are in development.

My Files: Publisher and Download system redesign: We’ve spent a lot of time this year improving the new My Files section.  Uploads processing and stability improved. Customers’ experience with downloading  was streamlined, and they got new features like zip downloads.  Publishing received many tweaks, upgrades and bug fixes, heavily based on user feedback.

Support: Development then spent some of the summer revamping our the support system, both internally and externally.  The interfaces that users experience are much improved, but more importantly for the long term is that the internal improvements allow us to handle tickets better, more of them, and to open up other opportunities for other support features.

Since then, we’ve pushed out a couple of small releases dealing with smaller items.  This week we released a small set of features, mostly little bugs and upgrades.  This month we’ll release another set of improvements to the Purchases & Downloads section to make the process easier for customers to get their purchases.  This will be the last large upgrade to this area for a while.

The rest of the year we’ll be focusing on some big improvements to the basic customer experience on the site.  We’ll also be rolling out small bug fixes and upgrades, but there’s a lot of good stuff that we are currently focusing our development on for the Fall.