Zip Downloads, Right-Clicking, and more in New Upgrade

Chris Phillips Site

Today we upgraded the site with a number of new features and bug fixes. We feel that we’ve dealt with just about all the issues that customers and artists have brought up with the new My Files section over the last several months.  We will be notifying everyone and asking for a one last set of feedback as we are planning to take the old Product Manager offline after the next release, which will be in a matter of weeks.

So, please check out all the new features and upgrades.  Most of these changes were based off of user feedback.  After you’ve tested it the new Publisher, please take a short survey to tell us what final things we need to do before the old Product Manager can be put to bed.


  • Bulk Downloads: Select multiple products, folders or files and TS will now zip them all up for one easy download
  • Inline file downloads: You can now download items from within a product without having to navigate into the product folder
  • Sales receipt page: when there is only one product in sale, the Download link now navigates into the product folder
  • Downloading free products navigates directly into the product folder
  • Fixed the permission error when trying to download a product from your file system that the artist had taken offline
  • Fixed a bug where Date Added was date modified, not date added


  • Initial load time of Publisher is much faster
  • Suggested products now allows entry of Product IDs
  • Fixed a bug with Suggested products where you had to select the auto-complete
  • We’ve created an alternative Upload method that is slower, but more stable.  Certain users were  having uploads regularly fail because of too many dropped packets due to internet routing issues. Check the help widget in Uploads section for more info.
  • Navigating to other tabs killed uploads, leaving them in “stuck”.  We don’t have a final solution for this yet, but if you try to switch tabs, it asks you if you want to stop your download or stop navigating away, so uploads no longer get “stuck”.
  • Fixed bug where you were unable to upload from any tab that has a verification issue. For example, if you failed to put in a price and then hit Preview, that tab would be in this state.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes files weren’t removed from Uploads file system when selected in “Add from Uploads”
  • Fixed bug where apostrophes in file names caused crash in upload
  • Files being uploaded into Publisher no longer move around between uploading and processing steps
  • Fixed bug where you could create a product inside of another product
  • Fixed bug where certain media types meta data fields looked bad in Chrome/Safari
  • Folders named “0” will now display
  • Fixed bug where hitting Publish Product on a product in Drafts folder gave a no permission error
  • Fixed bug where any saved changes to a Hidden product automatically un-hid it


  • You can now right-click to open new pages from links on all the links from within My Files, not just a few
  • Several tweaks to improve SEO, including upgrading the CName pages (for example,  We’ll be A/B testing this, so some of you might not immediately see it.
  • Download Reports now includes source information about the downloader.