Your VR Spending Spree Is Not Quite Over

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Key upgrades to your HTC Vive setup that won’t break the bank

With the news last week that HTC is now shipping its Vive headsets within 72 hours of an order being placed, it seems like a good time to get into some detail about setup, and to recommend some accessories to help round out your VR space.

For our VR Lab, we have prioritized portability and quick setup/breakdown.

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Where Does Room-Scale VR Fit In?

Matthew Hales Real-Time, Site, VR

The long-awaited delivery of HTC’s Vive virtual reality headsets to those who pre-ordered their units back in February is now well underway. While the arrival of the first (and currently only) commercially available hardware that delivers true VR presence at room-scale is great news, it is not without it’s practical challenges. The Vive’s preference for a 15’ x 15’ cleared space has surely initiated some tense conversations about the relative importance of dining rooms garages in the home, and conference rooms and lounges at the office. Read More

Featured Artist: M.M.I.

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We’re hitting the high seas with TurboSquid Artist M.M.I.! In this Featured Artist Interview, M.M.I. talks about his first encounter with 3D and what the future holds for him as a CheckMate artist.


How long have you been a 3D artist?

I started working in 3D about three years ago, and it was a unforgettable moment, when I first looked at the 3D viewport… I had made a simple cube and just started spinning around it. Read More

A Q&A with TurboSquid’s VR Experts

Kate Voisin Real-Time, Site, VR

Last week, TurboSquid attended the 2016 Collision Conference, hosted in our very own city of New Orleans. Between hosting some great events and getting a look at some exciting new start-ups, we attended several talks about future technology and the role of Virtual Reality within that future. I sat down with Matt Hales (TurboSquid’s VP of Creative) and Beau Perschall (VP of Business Development) to talk about some of the promises we heard from the Collision panelists, as well as what they think VR means for TurboSquid and the consumer market as a whole.

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Real Perspective Gained for Real-Time Content at GDC 2016

Beau Perschall Site

GDC 2016 has come and gone. Now that the dust has settled and my feet have recovered (as I personally walked well over 25 miles over the course of the week between classes, the expo and numerous meetings with partners) I felt it was important to give you some insights as to what I experienced and learned during the show.

First and foremost, there is no question that the future is bright for real-time model producers, especially on TurboSquid. Read More

IRL Review of the PSVR from GDC16

Matthew Hales Real-Time, Site, VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR [PSVR] headset is an interesting case. Having recently received a demo of the device it’s clear that it can’t be easily ranked against its peers in the high-end VR space, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. A lot of this has to do with display tech.

Solving for the “Screen Door Effect”

With less per-eye resolution than the other two (1080×1200 for Rift and Vive, 960×1080 for PSVR), the displayed imagery is noticeably less crisp than that of the Vive or Rift. Read More