Artist Spotlight: shank3d

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Often inspired by fantasy, models from this month’s featured artist, shank3d, add elements of stylish whimsy to the TurboSquid catalog. We took some time to chat with this talented artist and 3D teacher to find out where he draws  his inspiration for model-making.


How did you get your start an artist?

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to create things; drawing and comic book creation were always my favorite activities, and as a child I created my own cartoons and games. Read More

Want Your 3D Model Featured on TurboSquid? Well, Here’s Your Chance!

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Time and again, artists that have been featured on the TurboSquid home page have said that it’s an honor for their model to be chosen. So, we’ve decided to make this honor more attainable to all of our artists! This is our public call for TurboSquid artists to submit their models for consideration as our featured home page model.

Where do you start? Read More

Artist Spotlight: Jamie Hamel Smith

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For April, the TurboSquid home page is featuring not one, but two CheckMate Pro models, a combination of complementary assets including a sexy and super fast looking Yamaha R6 motorcycle 3D model by Jamie Hamel Smith, with an equally stylish rider by 3D artist Vespa.

We got to chat with the man behind the motorcycle on how he got his start in the modeling field, where he finds his inspiration and how he got so good at making motorcycles. Read More

Artist Spotlight: Vespa

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You may have noticed that we have not one, but two CheckMate Pro models sharing the spot atop our home page this month. Vespa’s sleek cyclist looked lost without an equally impressive bike. So we started “shopping” the TurboSquid model catalog for just the right ride; the decision – a top of line Yamaha R6 superbike, created by 3D modeler Jamie Hamel Smith. Read More

Artist Spotlight: HD_Ready

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We were so impressed with the hovercraft 3D model made by TurboSquid artist HD_Ready that we just had to put it on our homepage. With its many accurate details and realistic textures, this model is a welcome addition to our expanding CheckMate Pro catalog.

We asked HD_Ready a few questions about the hovercraft model, his work, and his experiences with CheckMate Certification. Read More