A 3D environment of an old classic library.

Artist Spotlight: Dena business

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While his inspirations may not be immediately evident at first glance, a closer look at ‘Dena business’ aka AhmadReza AfsharMoghadam’s 3D models on TurboSquid reveals a deep affinity for video games such as The Last of Us, Resident Evil, and A Plague Tale. So, join us and learn how contemporary games and movies have influenced his remarkable environments, intricate insect …

3D model of a sci-fi corridor by Alexander Kravets.

Artist Spotlight: Alexander Kravets

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Want to be inspired? Meet Ukrainian artist, Alexander Kravets. In 2010, he worked as a physicist and teacher before falling in love with 3D. By 2015, he’d become a successful 3D games artist. After working at studios across the country, today Alexander continues to create his stunning sci-fi designs — even while in the midst of war. We caught up …

Digital Art Contest: Dystopia/Utopia

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We are excited to announce that our latest art competition is open to all 3D artists! This year’s theme is Dystopia/Utopia–a perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscles! The contest is open to all 3D artists – you don’t have to be a seller on TurboSquid to participate. We’re interested to see how our community interprets Dystopian and Utopian life. Big picture, slice-of-life, …

Artist Spotlight: Andor Kollar

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Our new featured image is one great looking male model in every sense of the word.  Its creator, Andor Kollar, is an accomplished CG Supervisor and character artist who believes that his roots in traditional drawing have served him well in making great 3D models.  We were honored to have him answer our Featured Artist Interview, where Andor reflected on …

Artist Spotlight: GrafxBox

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With NASA holding its first-ever Google Hangout in space last week, we’re honoring space buffs everywhere with a new homepage image from artist GrafxBox based on his SciFi Fighter model. Although this artist has a wide variety of models, his flair for sci-fi is what brought his work to our attention. Find out where GrafxBox gets his inspiration in our interview below. When did you …