Squid Stats 2012: The Year in Review

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Looking back on 2012, we can’t help but be optimistic about the future of the 3D industry.  The TurboSquid community, which includes artists, customers and our own staff, exceeded our expectations on all fronts.  We had a great year, and still we’re looking at 2013 as the year we really up our game when it comes to quality.  

CheckMate Pro Webinar

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By popular demand, we’re offering a new webinar on Preparing Your Model for CheckMate Pro! In addition to learning all the ins and outs of submitting your 3D model for the highest standard, you’ll get a first look at recommendations from the recent CheckMate Advisory Board meeting. These recommendations aren’t out yet–this webinar is the only place to find out …

The CheckMate Difference – October Sales

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CheckMate sales have passed the 20% mark! At present, about 3.5% of 3D models at TurboSquid are CheckMate certified, but sales of CheckMate models account for over 20% of 3D models sales revenue. Customers have told us over and over that they’d buy CheckMate models every time if they were available in every category. Get your models into CheckMate now, …

CheckMate Advisory Board Live and in Person

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The CheckMate Advisory Board met last week at TurboSquid headquarters in New Orleans, and what a meeting it was! Over the two-day conference, Board members discussed a variety of topics ranging from UVs and gamma correction to outsourcing and education.   Some of the key takeaways from the meeting: Accuracy and Reference Materials Because 3D models are used for match …