Squid Stats 2012: The Year in Review

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Looking back on 2012, we can’t help but be optimistic about the future of the 3D industry.  The TurboSquid community, which includes artists, customers and our own staff, exceeded our expectations on all fronts.  We had a great year, and still we’re looking at 2013 as the year we really up our game when it comes to quality.


TurboSquid 2012 stats

TurboSquid 2012 stats


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More and more people are finding their way to TurboSquid.com, which is great news to the over 25,000 artists from around the world contributing to the catalog that has built a community of over 2.5 million members.

Social Media Growth

Thank You For Being a Friend: Our Year In Social Media

From January to December of 2012, we saw a 103% increase in our YouTube subscribers, a 68% increase in Likes on Facebook, and a 45% increase in followers on Twitter.

Catalog Growth

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our artists, we started 2012 with 239,088 models, and ended the year with a total of 270,693 (and counting!).


Introduced in August of 2011, as the only industry standard for 3D models, CheckMate has seen major strides in setting the bar for quality.  Models that undergo the rigorous certification process are rewarded with the badge of honor.

The number of models donning the CheckMate Pro and CheckMate Lite icons grew from 2,261 at the start of 2012 to a whopping 10,676 certified models by the end of the year (that’s a 472% jump).

4% of all models are CheckMate Pro or Lite certified.

20% of total site sales were generated by CheckMate models.

* Attn: Artists!  It pays to be CheckMate certified!

Models to Make

An Artist’s Dilemma: Help!  What should I make next?

From time to time, even the best 3D artists can find themselves stuck for inspiration.  That’s why TurboSquid now offers 3D artists the handy Models to Make page.

Fun Fact: In 2012, we noticed some categories showed signs of sales seasonality (that’s not to say that models of all types don’t sell well throughout the year).  So the next time you can’t decide what to make, might we suggest referring to the seasonal guide provided?

  • Aircraft sold well in June
  • Animals / May
  • Architecture / Spring
  • Characters / October
  • Electronics / Summer & October
  • Industrial / February
  • Plants / November & December
  • Spacecraft / January
  • Sports & Hobbies / Late Spring
  • Vehicles / Late Summer
  • Watercraft / July

Remember: When making models, be sure to budget extra time to allow your model to be CheckMate Certified.

Member Service Milestones

It’s not always easy being nice, but our Member Service Agents do it daily.  They gracefully and effortlessly wade through 245 calls, chats and emails each day, assisting artists and customers alike.

Fielding questions about shipping, requests to convert files, or guiding new artists through the signup process, these support stars never lose their cool, allowing our artists to do what they do best: make models.

We guess that’s why when surveyed, those who have had reason to reach out to a TS Service Agent give the experience a 93.5% satisfaction rating (well above the 86% worldwide average).

We’re now calling our Service Agents “Response Time Rockstars” due to an average response time  of only 15 minutes by the end of 2012. (Compare that to the industry standard of 23.6 hours).