Introducing the CheckMate Pro Automated Filter for 3ds Max

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Bounce-Back FilterFor those of you who are tired of waiting for your Checkmate Pro inspections to be completed, TurboSquid is happy to release the CheckMate Pro Automated Filter for 3ds Max. This filter is designed to give you quick feedback on your CheckMate Pro 3ds Max submissions.

From now on, whenever you submit a native 3ds Max model for CheckMate Pro, our script will automatically check for certain points such as N-Gons, Default Names, and Overlapping Vertices. If your model fails on any of these points you’ll receive an email, usually within an hour or less, outlining what needs to be fixed. At the end of the email is a link to a full report on everything that was found, both passing and failing.

The Automated Filter also creates a support ticket that lists all the points that need correction. If you feel that you have been failed in error, you can report this in the ticket.

If your model passes on the points that the filter checks for, you won’t get an email at all; the model will pass silently into the next phase of CheckMate inspection, where an inspector will open it and check it visually. If the inspector finds any points that need fixing, you will receive a support ticket as usual.

You can pass CheckMate Pro faster by using one of our free scripts to check for fail points. The Automated Filter is based on these scripts, which means that a model that passes the scripts is more likely to get past the Automated Filter.