AfterBurn to FumeFX 2 Crossgrade Opportunity

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For all of you loyal AfterBurn 3.x and 4.x users out there, TurboSquid and Sitni Sati have decided to offer a special promotion for you until the end of 2010. You can now crossgrade your copy of AfterBurn to the recently released FumeFX 2.0 for only $495 (over 40% off the retail price of FumeFX 2). This promotion means you can buy the same tools used by Blur, ILM, and Encore Hollywood to make stunning visual effects at a tremendous savings. Read More

Sitni Sati & cebas Collaboration

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I’m happy to report that two of our plug-in development partners, Sitni Sati (the makers of FumeFX, AfterBurn, DreamScape and others) and cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES (the makers of finalRender, finalToon, thinkingParticles and many others) have announced the first of several joint development efforts designed to take their wildly popular FumeFX and finalRender technologies and create far deeper interaction and abilities between the two products. Read More

Iron Baby Comes to TurboSquid

Beau Perschall Featured Artists

In case anyone out there has missed it, there is a YouTube video that has caught fire recently called Iron Baby. Created by Jocelyn “Strob” Simard and his team, this viral video has gotten almost 5 million hits and is such a sensation that it got the attention of, and tweet from, Iron Man director Jon Favreau. What many of you probably haven’t realized is that the effects for this short were created entirely using 3ds Max, VRay, AfterBurn and FumeFX. Read More

Squid Build – Dedication Ceremony

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As many of you may know, TurboSquid organized a Habitat for Humanity build on the weekend before SIGGRAPH 2009. Squids, Autodesk employees and 3D artists put down their laptops and picked up tools to help rebuild a damaged home in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. We even had a group of students from Minnesota drive down to pitch in after seeing an update on our Twitter feed! Read More

Generating Wireframe Renders (for 3ds Max users)

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Hey all,

A common question at TurboSquid is how to better present your models to help increase sales. One quick way to help increase your potential audience is to include wireframe renders of your models. It may come as a surprise to you, but we have many clients who won’t even consider buying a model without having a sense of what the wireframe looks like so they can determine if the model meets their project’s needs. Read More

Selling 3D Models: TurboSquid Publishing Best Practices – Naming Models

Beau Perschall 3D Modeling

This time out, we’re going to look at another crucial aspect of publishing that may seem obvious to some of you: the naming of the parts of your 3D model logically. Now, I’m not trying to force any of you to adopt some sort of draconian method or system to name your models, but our Member Services team has dealt with their fair share of clients who need help in trying to decipher a complex 3D model and figure out how it works simply because everything within it is named “Box209”, “Box210”, “pSphere75”, “CV_Curve26”, etc. Read More