Sitni Sati & cebas Collaboration

Beau Perschall Site

I’m happy to report that two of our plug-in development partners, Sitni Sati (the makers of FumeFX, AfterBurn, DreamScape and others) and cebas VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES (the makers of finalRender, finalToon, thinkingParticles and many others) have announced the first of several joint development efforts designed to take their wildly popular FumeFX and finalRender technologies and create far deeper interaction and abilities between the two products. In an upcoming release of both products, you’ll get much faster rendering capabilities as well as enhanced Global Illumination of FumeFX simulations for amazing results. Just take a look at this YouTube video showing a glimpse of how the two products will work together:

You can read more about this exciting alliance on both the Sitni Sati and cebas websites!

If you have any questions about any of these 3ds Max plug-in tools, don’t hesitate to contact our Member Services team for answers.