AfterBurn to FumeFX 2 Crossgrade Opportunity

Beau Perschall Featured Artists

For all of you loyal AfterBurn 3.x and 4.x users out there, TurboSquid and Sitni Sati have decided to offer a special promotion for you until the end of 2010. You can now crossgrade your copy of AfterBurn to the recently released FumeFX 2.0 for only $495 (over 40% off the retail price of FumeFX 2). This promotion means you can buy the same tools used by Blur, ILM, and Encore Hollywood to make stunning visual effects at a tremendous savings.

FumeFX 2 Image from Blur Studios

Star Wars The Old Republic Image Courtesy of Blur Studios

As you may know, FumeFX 2 not only boasts a faster, voxel-based simulation engine, but also comes with advanced tools for adding wavelet turbulence noise to your simulations (a huge production timesaver) as well as sophisticated retiming tools for instantly tweaking the speed of your effects. It also comes with two simulation licenses so you can offload your simulations to other network machines, leaving you free to productive while FumeFX calculates its results.

In order to upgrade, contact our Member Services team and be sure to provide your AfterBurn serial number(s) with your request so that they can point you to our Director of Sales to help process your request. And if you have questions, our Member Services team can also assist in getting you all the information you need in order to make an informed buying decision.