Iron Baby Comes to TurboSquid

Beau Perschall Featured Artists

In case anyone out there has missed it, there is a YouTube video that has caught fire recently called Iron Baby. Created by Jocelyn “Strob” Simard and his team, this viral video has gotten almost 5 million hits and is such a sensation that it got the attention of, and tweet from, Iron Man director Jon Favreau. What many of you probably haven’t realized is that the effects for this short were created entirely using 3ds Max, VRay, AfterBurn and FumeFX.

Additionally, the artist has posted his Iron Baby model in all its rigged glory (including some sample animation) to the TurboSquid website so other artists can purchase it and learn how he created this remarkable product. The model includes the HDRI images used to render the stunning metal effects, and free downloads of high-resolution renderings. You should definitely check it out.

And as an added bonus, here’s the video for everyone to see: