A 3D futuristic city created by 3D artist Color Farm.

6 Predictions For The 3D Industry In 2023

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As things wind down for the final weeks of 2022, there’s no denying that it’s been a big year for the 3D industry. From The Batman to NFL broadcasts, 2022 proved that virtual production isn’t just a hangup from lockdown. Hybrid events have become increasingly sophisticated, with augmented reality being used to power everything from Cannes to Coachella. And the …

A 3D snow mountain landscape by Chimera24.

12 Reasons to Choose Virtual Production for Your Next Film

Jesse Radonski Real-Time

If you’re reading the TurboSquid blog, you’ve probably already seen some incredible virtual production projects. You might have enjoyed behind-the-scenes shots of The Mandalorian. Or, perhaps you’ve witnessed the ape VFX evolve (no pun intended) in the recent Planet of the Apes movies. But inspiration is just the first step. Before adopting any new technology, it’s crucial to know exactly …