CheckMate Alert: Zip up those textures!

Michele Bousquet 3D Modeling, CheckMate

In the influx of CheckMate submissions we’ve seen lately, we’re pleased to report that many models pass on the first try. For those that don’t pass right away, one of the most common errors  has to do with how files are packaged for publishing.

For every file format that you want certified, the 3D model file must be placed in a ZIP file with all textures, and this ZIP file must be uploaded under the Main Product section in Step 1. Read More

Meet Member Services at TurboSquid

Michele Bousquet Company

As the 3D modeling industry has grown and changed, so have customers’ needs at TurboSquid. You told us what you wanted in your support, and we listened. The result is a new approach to support that gives fast answers to technical questions about 3D models.

In years past, the most common questions were things like “How do I download the textures?” and other queries related to using the site itself. Read More

What is a banana? and other important questions

Michele Bousquet Site

TurboSquid beefed up its support system a few years ago, installing a 24/7 Live Chat system and offering free file conversions. These days, our Member Services department gets a variety of queries each day, from site usage questions (“How do I download my purchase?”) to conversion requests (“Can you convert this model to OBJ format?”).

Live Chat is an ideal place for pressured artists under deadline, the hardcore polygon jockeys who need us at 3am. Read More

Meet TurboSquid’s Member Services Department

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Working to provide world class customer service to all our members, and to help our artists achieve maximum sales

Nancy-Ellen Martin

Hi, I’m Nancy-Ellen Martin and I love my job. I’m the Director of Member Services here at TurboSquid,  and I’m really excited to do our first Member Services Blog entry. Our team provides support to all our artists and clients on TurboSquid, and to our own TurboSquid team as well. Read More