What is a banana? and other important questions

TurboSquid Site

TurboSquid beefed up its support system a few years ago, installing a 24/7 Live Chat system and offering free file conversions. These days, our Member Services department gets a variety of queries each day, from site usage questions (“How do I download my purchase?”) to conversion requests (“Can you convert this model to OBJ format?”).

Live Chat is an ideal place for pressured artists under deadline, the hardcore polygon jockeys who need us at 3am. Most of the time, that is. Sometimes it seems like our members are using Live Chat as a way to connect with others who care about 3D. And then still other times, we don’t understand what the heck they’re there for.

Take, for example, this recent exchange between a TurboSquid Member Services Agent and a member. (We are not making this up.)

[9:40:04 AM] TurboSquid: Welcome to TurboSquid’s live chat. We are looking for the next available agent to assist you.
[9:40:04 AM] Member: what is a banana
[9:40:24 AM] Member: WHAT IS A BANANA!!!!!!!
[9:40:44 AM] TurboSquid: It is a long yellow fruit.
[9:41:20 AM] Member: Sorry, what type of motherboard is in a Compaq SR1820NX?
[9:41:45 AM] TurboSquid: I have no idea about that.
[9:42:00 AM] Member: ok see you then banana guy.
[9:42:13 AM] TurboSquid: Have a good day.

We hope you have enjoyed this stellar example of customer service from TurboSquid, brought to you by our hardworking Live Chat agents.