New Poly Count Search Tool

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Our Search page now includes a tool to specify Poly Count for 3D models, giving customers the ability to search for low-polygon models within the parameters of their choice. The definitions of “low-poly” and “game-ready” change so frequently that it makes sense to allow customers to enter poly count ranges for their specific needs.

Why am I excited about this? Because the Poly Count search tool will lead to more artists getting CheckMate certified. Read More

Updates to CheckMate Specifications

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We’ve been running CheckMate officially since August 4, and we’ve made a few updates to the specification based on feedback and submissions.  These aren’t major changes, but it’s important that you know about them to make your CheckMate submissions go as smoothly as possible.


Descriptions need to use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and correct use of 3D product names like 3ds Max and V-Ray. Read More

CheckMate Alert: Rendered Preview Images

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CheckMate submissions continue to come in fast and furious, and we couldn’t be more pleased. One of the most important things for an artist to understand is that we want to certify your 3D models!

In an ideal world, your products would pass CheckMate Certification on the first try, but it isn’t always so. Last week I blogged about zipping up your textures with your main product file, as failure to do so is one of the most common problems we see with first-time CheckMate submissions. Read More